How to ad SVG image in html?

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HTML5 advanced level tutorial

At the advanced level of this tutorial, learners will be introduced to a new range of features that are exclusive to HTML 5. These include new input types, methods of adding graphics to a webpage, attaching audio and video files on a web document, caching files, and deriving a user’s geographical coordinates. In addition to course material, the tutorial includes several real life examples that learners can use to practice skills or even customize them for practical applications. The tutorial is written in simple and easy-to-comprehend language that should also be enjoyable for the avid reader.

HTML Versions

Since the early days of the web, there have been many versions of HTML:

Version Year
HTML 1991
HTML 2.0 1995
HTML 3.2 1997
HTML 4.01 1999
XHTML 2000
HTML5 2014